Landsberger Straße

Family homes with a nursery next door

New apartments for families of all sizes are currently being built in the popular district of Möckern. The complex will feature 106 apartments – each with a terrace or balcony – and a nursery with 165 places. The courtyards have been designed as green meeting places for all generations. The homes will be nicely integrated in the local community, including nearby shops and a tram stop.

As the building project is being funded through a subsidised housing programme run by the Free State of Saxony, prospective tenants will need an eligibility certificate.

Baustelle Landsberger Straße

May 2020: ready for construction

If you take a look at the building site in May 2020, you can see the project is ready to begin. Over the next few weeks, excavators will be digging away at the soil to clear the way for the foundations and cellars of the three planned buildings.

Baufeld Landsberger Strasse