Titaniaweg 5

This year, the LWB is redeveloping Titaniaweg 5 in Leipzig’s youngest and largest district of Grünau. This means that this building will follow Ludwigsburger Straße 2-16 and Dölziger Weg 2/4 in that another LWB prefabricated housing block is being redeveloped. In total, the LWB lets 3,400 flats in the district of Grünau.

November 2020: renovation work drawing to an end

Despite a slight delay caused by the corona pandemic, our renovation work should be completed as scheduled by the end of the year. This progress is due to our strong cooperation with the construction companies and our tenants, who have shown a great deal of understanding for the unavoidable interference. Once the work has been completed in the 93 apartments and two commercial units, the final renovation stage will involve painting work in the corridors, stairs and cellar areas, as well as construction work at the entrance and the development of an access road for the fire brigade.

Titaniaweg 5

June 2020: the redevelopment work is being carried out according to schedule.

The redevelopment work in Titaniaweg 5 is being carried out according to schedule. What’s more, this is all being done in spite of the difficulties that the Corona pandemic has brought with it. The work is due to be finished by the end of 2020. Steps are being taken in the 93 flats present in the building as well as on and around the building. This ranges from redevelopment of the façade and the balconies, equipping them with entry points that are flush to the floor right up to insulation and roofing work. The windows are also being replaced, the heating is being optimized and the wiring is being replaced.

The standalone high-rise building contains bedsits and flats with up to three rooms that are equipped with a balcony; they range from 34 to 83 square metres in size. The ground floor houses space for offices and doctor’s practices.

Sanierung Titaniaweg 2020