Animals at home

Beastly good

For some, they are loyal friends, for others, a nuisance: Opinions on small animals and pets are divided in the apartment building.

Two like cats and dogs?

As your landlord, we naturally want your relationship with your neighbours to be by no means similar to that between dog and cat. Therefore you should consider the needs of your roommates when buying and keeping an animal. There is no doubt that a dog may bark occasionally. If it accompanies the moon every night from rising to setting, the normal, reasonable level is exceeded.

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With a minipig into a plate building?

Nothing is impossible. For a long time now, Germany's apartments have been home to more than just hamsters, fish, guinea pigs, dogs and cats. The list of animal roommates ranges from the anaconda to the mini-pig and the goat. And it is not uncommon for this to get the neighbors upset. Some domestic zoos even become a case for the justice system.

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Permitted or prohibited?

Small animals are allowed. However, if you want to keep unusual or dangerous pets, you need a permit from us. Small animals live in cages, terrariums or aquariums. They do not bother anyone and are not dangerous. Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are pets that can be kept in rented apartments without any problems. However, the number of (species-appropriate) animals kept is decisive for a good relationship with your neighbours and your landlord. You can read more in our service brochure.

Service brochure

Checklist for keeping pets

  • Think carefully whether and for which pet you decide.
  • In the case of large or unusual species, ask your landlord whether accommodation is allowed.
  • Observe the house rules and show consideration for your neighbours.

Always by the smell?

Please make sure that your neighbours are not bothered by animal noise or dirt. This applies not only to your apartment, but also to the surroundings of your house. Playgrounds and green areas are not dog toilets. At this point, we would also like to draw your attention to the regulations of the police regulations of the city of Leipzig and the brochure of the city "Leipzig and its dogs".

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