Tenant Service

Service phone

You can use our service number 0341 9922-0 to tell us your concerns about your apartment or, for example, to contact our rental department. You can also contact us by e-mail at kontakt@lwb.de, via our new app "My LWB" or in person at the LWB Service Kiosk.

Service phone

24 hours around the clock

If you wish to report an accident, you can do so by calling 0341-9922-0 (menu item 3). Or you can call the emergency hotline of our LWB service team, which is also manned around the clock, on 0341 9922 9922.

Please check carefully whether there is a real emergency or if the repair or fault rectification can wait until the next working day. An emergency only exists if a technical fault poses a danger to people or buildings.

Please only dial our emergency call in the following cases:
- Broken water pipe
- Heating failure
- Hot water failure
- Power failure in the staircase or in the apartment

24 hours around the clock

LWB Service Team

Phone 0341 9922-9922
Fax 0341 9922-1799

Constantly on the move

Our caretakers are the "good souls" of the LWB homes. They are out and about almost daily in the LWB housing estates. They inspect technical installations, check playgrounds and maintain green spaces and trees. As direct contacts, they help tenants in an uncomplicated manner with minor repairs or keeping the facilities clean.

Frühjahrsputz bei der LWB

Happy to serve you

The LWB Caretaker Service is happy to receive your questions or comments on the services of our caretakers.

LWB caretaker service

Löbauer Straße 28
04347 Leipzig
Phone 0341 9922-1301
Fax 0341 9922-1309


Advice and help not only in emergency situations

Sometimes life circumstances change from one day to the next. For our social management it is a matter of course to organise social services for you if necessary and to advise you on help around your home. This will not cost you a cent, but it is worth a lot.

LWB Social Management