Young tenants

Farewell to "Hotel Mama"

Are you looking for your own home, want to be independent, furnish yourself according to your taste and enjoy the freedom? So that your dream of living doesn't turn into a nightmare, there are a few things to consider.

How much does the world cost?

Before you invest your time in looking for an apartment, a critical look at your finances is essential. Your expenses for the warm rent - that is the rent for the cold, plus heating and water costs plus general running costs (including garbage collection, house cleaning, caretaker, etc.) - should not exceed one third of your income. If you take in 750 euros each month, you should not spend more than 250 euros on living. After all, you also have to pay for other things. Not only do you need money for electricity, food and drinks, but also for insurance, clothes, mobile phones, public transport tickets, etc. Also the costs incurred in connection with the move or the rent deposit should not be underestimated. In our brochure "Endlich in die eigenen vier Wände" you will find practical tips and tables so that you can get an overview.

From when can I rent?

If you are under 18, your parents must rent for you and are liable for all contractual tenancy obligations. If you are of full age, you can sign the tenancy agreement on your own, provided that you earn money or receive Bafög or vocational training allowance as a student or trainee. If you receive ALG II, other regulations apply: If there are no serious social or professional reasons that are accepted by the Jobcenter or the employment agency, ALG II recipients under 25 years of age are not entitled to have their own apartment paid for. Our brochure for young tenants "Endlich in die eigenen vier Wände" informs you about this as well as, for example, about the contents of a rental contract, the handing over of the apartment and your rights and obligations as a tenant.

Brochure "Endlich in die eigenen vier Wände" (german)

Living makes school

We know from our internal statistics that a large proportion of the rental contracts terminated without notice affect young people. The most common causes are neglected duties, trouble with neighbours and rent debts. Stress that can be avoided.
The LWB Residential school teaches young tenants the most important things to know about their first home.