Play it safe

As your landlord and owner of the houses and plots of land, we are responsible for the safe use of the buildings, technical installations (such as heating stations, lifts etc.) and associated outdoor facilities, parking spaces, courtyards and playgrounds. We have taken out various insurance policies for this purpose. However, we are not liable in every case. In order to be wise before the damage happens, we recommend that you inform yourself or seek advice from independent experts.

Decide for yourself

Among the most widespread insurances are private liability insurance and household insurance. Both are voluntary, and everyone should check carefully whether such a contract is advisable. Independent advice is offered by the consumer advice centre, for example.

For small and large misadventures: The private liability insurance

A private liability insurance will cover damage that you cause to your landlord's property or that of other people, whether accidentally or negligently. A pane of glass breaks while playing ball, red wine lands on the firmly laid carpet of the neighbour, improperly deposited in the staircase brings someone down? Accidents happen quickly and can be very expensive. A pane of glass can be repaired relative quickly. However, if the water hose of your washing machine bursts and puts the neighbour's flat under water, you have to pay for the renovation out of your own pocket. This is where private liability insurance comes into play. As a rule, it offers protection against the financial consequences of damage to rented property, financial loss, damage to property and personal injury caused by you. In most cases it also includes the whole family.

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For your own belongings: the household contents insurance

Household contents insurance covers damage to your own property caused by fire, water and storm as well as burglary, robbery and vandalism in your home. Not only furniture, household and electrical appliances, but also household items such as crockery, clothing, carpets, tools and even bicycles are covered by this insurance in the event of damage. A private household insurance also covers follow-up costs. Because if damage occurs, not only furnishings are often destroyed, but there are also costs for tidying up, disposal and renovation.

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