Moving in and out

No fear of moving day

Do you know the saying "Three times moved is once burnt down"? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be that bad. You can reduce costs and chaos if you start preparing the change of residence in time.

Good planning is half of the move: the checklist (german)

So that you don't forget anything in anticipation of your new home, we have prepared a moving checklist for you in our service brochure on page 18. We recommend that you take action about three months before the appointment to ensure that the moving goes smoothly.

Moving checklist

Practical slips of paper

The date is set and the helpers are in the picture. Have you thought about moving boxes and packing material, covers and tools? A little time for the arrival, departure and transfer - i.e. the inevitable official channels - is also planned? Before everything starts, you should definitely decide which boxes are to be placed in which room in the new apartment and, if necessary, what is in the boxes. It is advantageous to attach appropriate adhesive labels both on the top and the side of the boxes. Or do you always want to restack cardboard towers while searching?

LWB Ein- und Umzug

First aid and many small things

A few things should always be within reach during the move. These include the toolbox, adhesive tape, scissors, first aid kit and bin liner, as well as blankets to protect floors and furniture. Collect keys, bolts and nuts from dismantled furniture in labelled bags. It is also a good idea to pack a bag with a mobile phone, money, papers and keys that is always handy. And don't forget to organise a snack and drinks for your movers!

LWB Ein- und Umzug