Ombudsman's office

Beautiful living without conflicts

Disagreements with the neighbours are not only annoying. Sometimes disputes can even end up in court and become expensive. At the same time it is often easy to achieve a better cooperation and to clear up misunderstandings. If you are unable to resolve the conflict through conversation, the LWB Ombudsman's Office can provide impartial and free help in mediating.

Peace instead of frustration thanks to the ombudsman's office

The LWB's ombudsman service has been considered a professional mediator between tenants for years. First of all, our mediator gets a picture of the situation based on the written and oral description of the facts. The aim of the mediation is then to find an acceptable way out of the situation for all parties to the dispute. And this almost always succeeds. No matter how complicated the situation may seem: if you have worries in the house and would like to live in peace with your neighbour again, please contact our ombudsman's office. You can describe your concern by e-mail or letter.

Ombudsman's office LWB

Wintergartenstraße 4
04103 Leipzig
Phone 0341 9922-1010

Of course we will handle your request discreetly.

Why neighbours do not like each other

"Atmospheric disturbances" between tenants have many causes. This also emerges from two studies on the causes that have been published. In a survey commissioned by an insurance company, the "Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung" found out that noise is the number one topic of dispute. Followed by disregarded neighbourly duties. Both the house rules and the handling of dogs, cats and other animals have caused trouble. A further investigation of the portal revealed a different ranking. Rank 1 went here to "annoying pets", rank 2 and 3 are occupied by "smoking neighbours" and the "nocturnal neighbour". But sometimes tenants can also clash for other reasons. These include visual impairments such as the supposedly ugly balcony from across the street, playing children or even the prams and walkers parked in the hallway.

LWB Konflikte im Quartier

Another external ombudsman in case of necessity

If the LWB's internal ombudsperson cannot resolve the conflict, there is still the possibility of seeking the help of an external ombudsperson as an impartial arbitrator. Jens Harting, a lawyer, does this job.

External ombudsperson

EGH Rechtsanwälte Fachanwälte Partnerschaft
Jens Harting

Erich-Zeigner-Allee 20
04229 Leipzig
Phone 0341 24050416
Fax 0341 24050430.