One minute's walk from the opera house and the Gewandhaus, the LWB is building an ensemble of buildings with 152 apartments on a site behind the former Leipzig main post office from July 2019.

March 2021: Time to move in

The final inspections are complete and the first removal vehicles are rolling. It's hard to believe that in mid-2019, the excavation for the building pit had only just started. Just like the two other new LWB addresses in Bernhard-Göring-Straße and Straße des 18. Oktober, the Littstraße square has already been "taken possession of" by the first new residents. In spring 2021, the number of move-ins will rise sharply.

In all three of LWB's new construction projects that have now been completed, there are subsidised, price-bound apartments in addition to freely financed ones.

Fertigstellung LWB Neubau Littstraße

September 2020: Unobstructed view of the facade

Around 14 months after the start of construction work, the first pieces of scaffolding have been removed in Littstraße. Over the next few weeks, the facades will gradually become visible. Meanwhile, the interior work is progressing at full speed. While the tilers and painters are at work in two houses, the lifts are being installed elsewhere. The media technology, i.e. the supply of water, electricity, and multimedia, has already been completed. In November, the design of the outdoor facilities is scheduled to begin.

Bautenstand Littstraße 09/20

April 2020: Four upper floors and first building services installations

At the turn of the year, the building shell had just grown out of the excavation pit, and in the spring the structural work progressed rapidly. In mid-April 2020, the new building on Littstrasse will have four upper floors and the first drinking water connection. In the underground car park and on the ground floor, the first building services installations of ventilation and sanitary systems can be seen. For the extension of the apartments, the bathroom equipment, floor coverings and building services elements such as light switches have now been sampled. The colour concept for the staircase and for the painting of the facades is also completed.

Rohbau Neubau Littstraße

September 2019: The base plate is cast

On the nearly 5,200 square meter site - almost the size of a soccer field - the LWB is raising an ensemble of six buildings with a total of 152 apartments. The first excavators arrived in July 2019. More than 170 so-called shoring girders had to be set metres deep during the course of the ground work to prevent the excavation pit from slipping. Then eight huge drilled piles were driven into the ground, on which one of the buildings will later rest. Progress of construction work, which can be observed daily. However, the start of the project was difficult. Reason: there were some surprises hidden in the ground. For example, two huge canals were found, which were supposedly planned decades ago for the cold supply of the university and opera. The canals first had to be disposed at considerable expense.

Baustelle Littstrasse

The first square metres of floor slab have been cast and the next dates are already on the calendar: the construction site between Litt-, Quer- and Schützenstraße has picked up Speed.

Living with all city advantages

The new residential complex in the city centre can benefit both from the city with all its advantages and offers and from the perfect connection to public transportation. Anyone living here could easily be without a car - although the ensemble will of course also have an underground car park.  Some of the apartments will be subsidised with money from the Free State's subsidy programme for the creation of rent-controlled housing. Prospective tenants will need a certificate of eligibility to rent.

Visualisierung Littstraße

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