Renovation projects

New balconies, fresh colour, more comfort and energy efficiency: this is where we invest millions in our residential buildings for you.


Renovation work on Schwantesstraße in Schönefeld-Ost started at the beginning of 2018. more


With Gerberstraße 14-16, LWB has begun its largest renovation project to date. more

Titaniaweg 3

Following Titaniaweg 5 (foto), the neighbouring new-storey building with house number 3 will be renovated this year. more


The LWB began the renovation of Kurt-Eisner-Strasse 76-78 in November 2019. more


With Gersterstraße 1-7, a further redevelopment section has begun in Leipzig-Dölitz. more


In Leipzig-Paunsdorf, renovation work will continue at Schlehenweg 8-16 and Platanenstraße 2-10. more

Dölziger Weg

Dölziger Weg, not far from the Schönau Landscape Park, has been undergoing renovation since March 2018. more


The house in Richard-Lehmann-Straße 39-43 was renovated and modernised. more