The apartment building is located centrally at the main railway station and is nestled within a highly prominent neighbourhood. The former Hotel Astoria is located just across from it, with its striking façade long since obscured by scaffolding.

March 2021: LWB is building at the Astoria

With Gerberstraße 14-16, LWB has begun its largest renovation project to date. Extensive work is planned both on the residential building’s exterior and interior. The (barrier-free) conversion of the mezzanine floor will increase the number of flats from its current number of 256 to 274. In addition to extensive façade work – among other things, the concrete decorative reliefs will enjoy proper renovation – all doors and windows, as well as the building services, heating and, for example, electrical installations, will all be renewed. The entire ground floor zone will be redesigned and bicycle storage areas will be established. In addition, space will be created for a modern concierge zone. Everything is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.  

Gerberstraße 14-16 vor der Sanierung