Schlehenweg and Platanenstraße

With Schlehenweg 8-16 and Platanenstraße 2-10, LWB is continuing the energy-efficient refurbishment and modernisation of its nearly 2,000 apartments in Leipzig-Paunsdorf. The prefabricated residential area borders the "Grüner Bogen" forest and park landscape and has excellent public transport links. Leipzig's largest shopping mall, the Paunsdorf-Center, is in the immediate vicinity.

April 2021: Fourth redevelopment stage in Paunsdorf

LWB has been refurbishing its properties in Leipzig-Paunsdorf since 2018. Work is currently underway at Schlehenweg 8-16 and Platanenstraße 2-10. There are 111 apartments of various sizes there. A number of energy-saving measures are again planned both in the buildings and on their exteriors. The Radiators are being renewed, windows and balcony doors replaced and the stairwells painted, for example. Together with the Am Vorwerk 7-13 and Schlehenweg 18-28 buildings, which were renovated last year, the two prefabricated buildings enclose a large residential courtyard. The LWB residential courtyards in Paunsdorf have been renovated since 2018 and transformed into playgrounds and meeting places for all generations. LWB is benefiting from the Socially Integrative City funding programme.

Sanierungsbeginn Schlehenweg Platanenstraße

August 2020: Renovation nearing completion

LWB will complete its third renovation project in the Paunsdorf district of Leipzig at the end of the year when it puts the finishing touches to the properties on Am Vorwerk 7-13 and Schlehenweg 18-28. As work continues on the building envelope, energy-saving solutions are being introduced and technical systems are being repaired. Windows and balcony doors are being replaced, new front doors and cellar doors are being installed, and a fresh lick of paint is being added to the communal stairways and other areas.

The shops on the ground floor will be real eye-catchers – their facades have already been draped in vivid colours. The local graffiti club has done a great job, adding comic-book heroes and imaginative designs to the walls.

Sanierung Am Vorwerk 7-13 und Schlehenweg 18-28

March 2019: Renovation in Paunsdorf enters the next round

There are 105 apartments in the houses Schlehenweg 1-7/Heiterblickallee 28-34. In the course of the renovation, the facade including balcony balustrades will be repaired and painted. Insulation work will be carried out and windows and balcony doors will be replaced. The apartment entrance and cellar doors, radiators and all pipes will be replaced. New paint is being applied to the staircases.

Heiterblickallee 28-34

November 2018: Scheduled completion Ahornstraße 2-14

Right on time in late autumn, the scaffolding was removed and allowed a view of the freshly renovated outer skin. A lot has also happened inside. Electrical and water pipes were renewed, doors and windows replaced and the entrance areas and staircases underwent a makeover.

Ahornsstraße 2-14 nach Sanierung