Values and goals

Our values and goals

Our picture of the future is a signpost for our work. It defines our goals and is the basis of our corporate culture.

The yardstick for our success is the satisfaction of our customers. They are the focus of our actions. We offer our tenants security and combine social and ecological responsibility with economic success. At the same time, the LWB bears responsibility for a large volume of municipal real estate assets, which must be managed in a value-enhancing and sustainable manner.

Energetische Sanierung Kreuzstraßenviertel

Model project Kreuzstraßenviertel: The energy-efficient renovation and family and senior-friendly modernisation was successfully completed in 2017. 

Our priorities for the next few years are derived from the guidelines laid down by the City of Leipzig, as a shareholder of the LWB, in its ownership objectives. The economic stability achieved by the company is the basis for increasing our investment in renovation, new construction and maintenance, as well as for our social commitment. 
We are building day-care centers, promoting good neighborhoods and supporting charitable associations and initiatives in our neighborhoods.

Kita Elsterstraße

The day care centre "Elsternest" in Elsterstraße was the first day care centre we built.