Commitment to Leipzig

Partner of the city

As a communal enterprise, the LWB gets involved in Leipzig through a variety of ways. Our projects are based on the the premise to fulfill all collective and individual needs of our tenants.

A contribution for the East of Leipzig

With the development of three buildings within the conservatory area, we have taken on a demanding urban development task. For many years the ongoing efforts to find an investor for the area located opposite to the main railway station on the inner ring of the city was unsuccessful. Today, our investment is regarded as the initial spark igniting the development of the eastern suburb. Nowhere else are so many cranes in operation as in this district.

Großbaustelle am Wintergartenhochhaus

The large construction site at the Wintergartenhochhaus: For the development of the eastern suburb, the new building is considered the initial impulse.

Kitas for the growing city

The population of Leipzig has been increasing for yearsTherefore not only the number of newborns is likely to be record-breaking, but also the demand for childcare will increase accordingly. With our first new day care centre on Elsterstraße in 2016, we have demonstrated our expertise in this area. In the meantime, the number 2 and number 3 daycare centres have already been handed over while newprojects are being prepared. Our residential complexes as well as parents and families benefit from the added value of the new daycare centres. 

Additionally we provide local childminders with a small loan in order to further enhance the development of our social infrastructure.

LWB Engagement für Leipzig

Social and sustainable

Good cooperation between the residents is very important to us in our neighbourhoods. That is why we support social projects promoting tolerance and integration with prospective positive effects on stability throughout our residential areas. This especially includes our efforts to provide spaces for everyone taking part in association activities benefiting the wellbeing of our tenants and promoting long-term sustainable commitment to LWB homes.

While others talk, we take action

In close cooperation with the social welfare office, we have been committed to providing accommodation for refugees in Leipzig for many years.  With the aid of various non-profit organizations, LWB by far has been providing most of the housing opportunities for asylum seekers in the region. Nevertheless in close cooperation with our tenant advisors we ensure that our neighbourhoods are not overburdened and all expectations are met.

LWB Engagement für Leipzig