Donations and sponsoring

Our commitment to committed people

As a municipal company, we particularly support associations and initiatives that are committed to urban projects and to living together in our housing estates.

From the International Women to the Heizhaus e.V.

The spectrum of associations and initiatives supported by us is broad. It ranges from social projects such as the International Women's Association, which strives for the integration of refugee families, to the Jugendhaus Leipzig e.V. and the SZL Suchtzentrum gGmbH. We also support the "Heizhaus" of Urban Souls e.V. Leipzig, a skate and youth centre in the district Grünau. 

Although the resources for donations and sponsoring are scarce, about 20 beneficiaries benefit from our support every year. Sometimes the support consists in the provision of rooms or areas free of charge. This is the only way for many partners to develop their activities.

Jugendfreizeitzentrum Heizhaus

In the Heizhaus of Urban Souls e.V. there are various leisure activities for all generations.  

Help for sports clubs

Sports projects also benefit from us. For example, together with the city, we were able to set the course for the Leutzscher Füchse e.V. table tennis club to set up its own training facility. 

Furthermore, the LWB is a sponsor of the HC Leipzig e.V. The club is not only one of the successful women's handball clubs. It also does a lot of dedicated work with young talents. 

HCL e.V.

The Handballclub Leipzig e.V. is committed to working with young people.

Christmas donation, sponsorship and even more commitment

LWB has a long-standing cooperation with Ökumenisches Wohnprojekt Quelle e.V. and SZL Suchtzentrum gGmbH in helping the homeless and supporting people in situations of social emergency. Both shared the company's recent Christmas donation totalling EUR 10,000.
LWB employees also donate to charity every year during Advent. Most recently, the proceeds went to the Crisis Intervention Team and the Children's Adventure Restaurant.

In autumn 2020, LWB and its sponsor school in the Grünau district once again had reason to celebrate: Together with long-time successful RB Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick, the children were able to open their revitalised school garden. The Ralf Rangnick Stiftung has been coordinating the cooperation between LWB and the Friedrich-Fröbel primary school since 2019.

In addition, many other commitments were supported by LWB last year. These included the Leipziger Tastentage [Leipzig Keyboard Days].

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