Residential school

Living makes school

The LWB residential school is a unique educational project in Germany for young first-time tenants. Here they learn the ABCs of living. The workshops are free of charge for participants, regardless of who is or becomes their landlord. There are also separate dates for LWB tenants.

An invention of our apprentices

The residential school is the result of a project by LWB trainees in 2013. They have analyzed that a large proportion of lease contracts that are terminated without notice affect young people. Rent debts are the most common cause, but neglected duties and trouble with neighbors often also play a role. In most cases, the people concerned only lack the necessary knowledge. The trainees wanted to change that. Their approach: Housing can be learned. The residential school was founded.

LWB residential school

Die LWB Wohnschule stellt sich vor

Die Auszubildenden des zweiten Lehrjahres haben einen Kurzfilm gedreht, um Interessierten einen besonderen Einblick in die Wohnschule der LWB zu bieten.

From apprentice to teacher

Teachers in the residential school are our prospective real estate agents. They are supported by social pedagogues of the Jugendhaus Leipzig e.V. The association has been committed to young people with housing problems for many years. Students are young men and women aged 17 and over. They often complete our residential lessons within the framework of project days.

Opinions differ on the budget

The lessons combine theory and practice. It is about the basics of tenancy law and also about how much housing you can afford for your own money. Our trainees always observe the greatest "aha" effects in the budget game. Their summary: Most of them hardly have an overview of their expenses. That's a big risk.

LWB Wohnschule

Want more school?

Our workshop takes about four hours. Registrations by phone or e-mail are possible as a class, group or individual. We will get back to you and gladly arrange an appointment with you.
There are a total of 30 residential school days per school year. However, it is our turn to expand the program. After all, the demand is great.


Prices for the trainee project

The offer is not only well received by young people. In 2019, our residential school was awarded the Leipzig Future Prize in the youth category. The award is given for activities that contribute to the sustainable development of the city of Leipzig. In 2016, the LWB residential school had already received the special "Junioren" prize in the Leipzig Marketing Prize. This also honored the commitment with which our trainees educate first-time tenants and help to raise public awareness of an important issue.

Preisträger Leipziger Zukunftspreis

Preisverleihung Leipziger Zukunftspreis 2019

Your first own home

Are you looking for your own home, do you want to be independent, furnish yourself according to your taste and enjoy the freedom? So that your dream of living does not become a nightmare, there are a few things to consider.

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