Ground-breaking ceremony for the LWB Sponsored School Garden

The cooperation between the LWB and the Friedrich Fröbel Primary School is a sponsorship project organized by the Ralf Rangnick Foundation. The Foundation issued the following press release on this occasion on March 5:

"Founder Ralf Rangnick was given a special honor on Thursday, March 5. He took over the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the new school garden, together with Iris Wolke-Haupt, LWB Director of Housing and Construction, and headmistress Kerstin Baron. As part of the cooperation organized by the Ralf Rangnick Foundation, the Friedrich-Fröbel-Grundschule will revive its school garden with the help of the Leipziger Wohnungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH (LWB) to grow its own fruit and vegetables. In addition, a small chicken coop for laying hens will be built in the schoolyard.

According to headmistress Kerstin Baron, the aim is to teach the children appreciation for natural resources and knowledge about healthy and regional nutrition. With the joint responsibility for the garden and - in a further step - for animals, for example, team spirit and integration in the classes and in the entire school should be promoted.

Children from many different nations learn in the educational institution. The pupils come from different social backgrounds.

"It was important to us that our sponsored school is located in Grünau. We see this as a key focus of our social commitment," says Iris Wolke-Haupt, LWB Director of Housing and Construction. "We support, for example, associations and initiatives that are specifically concerned with improving the living environment, with people in difficult life situations or with projects for children and young people.

"The LWB is committed to Leipzig in a variety of ways, and together with the local community and other actors is taking responsibility for the development of the city's neighborhoods," emphasized Ute Schäfer, LWB Director of Finance and Asset Management, on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony for the school garden. Particular attention is being paid to the three areas of the Socially Integrative City program in Leipzig. These include Grünau, Paunsdorf and the east of Leipzig.

According to the foundation, the sponsorship project "Unternehmen machen Schule" has already brought together more than 45 elementary schools with just as many partners from the local economy. The concrete projects implemented at each primary school are not only related to the school curriculum, but also to social issues. With the aim of networking and enrichment through a lively partnership, the sponsors enter into a cooperation with the primary school for one year".

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