LWB celebrates with tenants in Volkmarsdorf

The LWB and its tenants celebrated the 30th anniversary of Volkmarsdorf with a large neighborhood festival last Friday. Shortly after the kick-off at 3 p.m. the party zone at Hermann-Liebmann-Straße was already well attended, there was a crowd at the stands and in front of the stage. The team from the Leipzig city cleaning service also had their hands full with their waste separation activities. The Voluntary Fire Brigade East asked for a look behind the scenes and the neighbourhood management provided information about its activities in the East of Leipzig.

"For us, the party was a wonderful occasion to say thank you to our loyal tenants," said LWB Branch Manager Norbert Alber. Ilona Tieltzsch and her husband are among them.  "We really like it here, especially the music. There hasn't been anything like this so often today," said Mrs. Tieltzsch. Compliments were also paid by Alexander König: "The tenants' festival is very nice. Everything is there: a bouncy castle, a music show, make-up for children, interesting information stands... My son and I find the clown particularly funny.  Tenant Patrick Zobel praised the pleasant atmosphere and the nice people: "The prices are fair and the food is really delicious.

The LWB regularly invites its tenants to neighborhood and tenant festivals. Occasions include round anniversaries of housing developments, the completion of renovation work or the inauguration of playgrounds.  One aim is to get people talking to each other, to raise awareness of certain neighborhood issues and thus promote coexistence in the neighborhoods.

20 May 2019