LWB creates better service with its new app

The free LWB app "My LWB" is finding more and more fans. The digital offering, which was introduced in stages in 2018, has already been downloaded 4,000 times.

Now the app, which was previously only available to LWB clients, has been expanded to include rental. From now on, anyone interested in renting a flat can find all current LWB housing offers via the app. The search works in the same way as via the major rental portals.

The response to the app, which supplements the traditional tenant service and now also addresses people looking for accommodation, has so far exceeded expectations. For example, repairs can be reported around the clock, tenancy agreement documents can be viewed and questions, such as those regarding the settlement of operating costs, can be sent to the staff responsible.

At the same time, LWB customers still have the choice of communicating with their contact persons in the company by telephone, in person, in writing or via app. 

April 8, 2019