Model project lets you "experience energy"

With the design of the last two of a total of nine residential courtyards in the Kreuzstraßenviertel, the LWB will complete a much-acclaimed model project for energy-efficient renovation and family and senior-friendly modernization of a prefabricated housing area in the middle of this year. The project was implemented in several stages from 2011 and cost around 20 million euros. For the courtyard design under the motto "Experience Energy", the LWB received financial support from the public sector, particularly from the city of Leipzig.

The project, which was awarded a federal prize even before construction work began, provides insights into how energy-efficient renovation can be achieved effectively with a reasonable use of funds. According to the responsible office manager Norbert Alber, an investigation after completion of the first construction phase revealed that, with correct user behaviour, the warm rent remained almost constant.  The cost savings in terms of energy consumption have thus almost compensated for the increase in the cold rent caused by the refurbishment.  LWB has 1,058 apartments in the Kreuzstraßenviertel. The vacancy rate is low. The quarter is popular with all generations because of its low rents and its central location.

July 8, 2017

Wohnhof Senefelderstraße

Courtyard Senefelderstraße