Nachbarschaftspreis "LWB Supernachbar" presented

In March, the LWB presented the "LWB Supernachbar" award for the first time. Nine LWB tenants were honored for their special commitment. 

The first prize winner was Karl-Heinz Zorn from the Duncker district, who, with his "Getting to know each other" initiative, has made good neighbors and even friends from people who were initially strangers. The award was also presented to Sigrid Jung, who keeps a Mockau high-rise on its toes with her sports groups and represents the interests of her neighbours as a tenants' councilor. Eveline Lehmann was also chosen. For almost 10 years now, she has not only been keeping order in a Paunsdorf apartment building, but also looks after the concerns of her fellow tenants.

Candidates for the title of "LWB Supernachbar 2020" can be proposed until November 30, 2019, or apply with their commitment. The prize is awarded to individuals as well as to communities. Letters are requested by e-mail to or by post to LWB mbH, Corporate Communications, Wintergartenstraße 4, 04103 Leipzig.

March 14, 2019