Renovation of prefabricated buildings continues

The LWB is continuing the rehabilitation of its prefabricated housing stock this year. A total of 592 apartments in five residential areas will benefit from the investment. 
At Dölziger Weg 4 in Schönau, scaffolding has long since been put up again. The nine-storey building, like its opposite number 2 last year, is being completely refurbished. At about the same time as in Schönau, work in Schönefeld's Schwantesstraße was also resumed. Now, house numbers 1-25 will receive additional balconies, insulated gables and heating pipes as well as a fresh coat of paint. The courtyard façade is currently being renovated.

Construction work also started again on Ludwigsburger Straße in Grünau. The first scaffolding can be seen on the eleven-storey building with house numbers 2-8. Core drillings for a new electrical installation are being made inside. All windows in the stairwells have already been replaced. Soon windows and doors in the apartments will be replaced and the insulation in the jamb will be renewed.

With the construction site installation in Schlehenweg 1-7 and in Heiterblickallee 28-34 a new renovation project has started in Paunsdorf at the end of March. Planned are the repair of facades and staircases, the installation of new windows and doors as well as the renewal of electrical and water pipes, ventilators, radiators and thermostats.

At the fifth address of this year's LWB Panel Building Rehabilitation Program, at Gersterstrasse 1-7 in Dölitz, construction began in April. The residential complex has been undergoing renovation since 2017. The special thing: In the end, every apartment will have a balcony. In Schwantesstraße in Schönefeld it is the same - with one exception.

March 12, 2019