Space for Street Art on a renovated façade in the Südvorstadt

Colourful, inspiring, unmistakable: the high-rise building in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 109 remains a place of street art. Together with Graffitiverein e.V. and the Graffiti Coordination Office in Leipzig, the LWB has created the conditions for scene artists to display their works on the facade of the listed building. A total of 26 panels, each measuring 90 by 215 centimeters, were designed by the sprayers and attached to the house at first-floor level. There were no thematic guidelines for the artists when designing the open-air gallery. The aim is rather to show the variety of street art expressions and the scene and to give it a legal place to present itself. The LWB has been supporting the annual Street Art Open Air Gallery together with the Jugendhaus Leipzig e.V. and the City of Leipzig for ten years. Up to 100 experienced artists and up-and-coming sprayers meet there in an open workshop to spray together. The resulting works are exhibited at LWB buildings in the Südvorstadt. In 2014, the paintings and a joint work could even be shown for months in the centre of Leipzig on Georgiring and Wintergartenstraße. The LWB had erected a 40-meter long fence, which was suitable for what was probably the longest open-air graffiti show in Leipzig at the time. Interesting: The most imaginative pictures developed within a short time into sought-after collector's items. Light fingers helped themselves to the exhibits a total of five times.

May 28, 2019


Oscar Metzger at the construction sign