Georg-Maurer-Straße 1-23

The prefabricated building was not only energetically renovated and subjected to a beauty treatment. To improve the quality of living, 135 new balconies were also added. This means that each of the 180 apartments has its own private "place in the sun" or in the countryside. All around there are old trees and parks as well as many allotment gardens.

2017: A balcony for every tenant

The panel buildings in Leipzig-Dölitz were built in 1974/75 as WBS 70. In the middle of the 1990s, a partial renovation took place. The refurbishment project in 2017 was more complex not only because of the many balcony extensions, but also because of the variety of measures. The roof was newly covered, a thermal insulation composite system was attached to the facade and the windows in the apartment and stairwell were equipped with thermal insulation glazing. Apartment and house entrance doors have been renewed, as well as the heating system and the staircases have been freshly painted.

Georg-Maurer-Straße 1-23 nach Sanierung