All about living

From A for air humidity to Y for yard: There is a lot to consider around living. We have compiled the details for you.

Heating and ventilation

A good climate within your own four walls is anything but incidental. Here you can find out why it is worthwhile to heat and ventilate properly. more

Animals at home

Loved or hated, friend or foe? Opinions differ on the animal husbandry in the rented flat. Please do not make your neighbours allergic. more


As your landlord, we have taken out various insurance policies. However, we are not liable in every case. more

Waste separation

It is not only your wallet that can benefit from proper waste separation and disposal. The environment also benefits. more

Operating costs

You pay operating costs for the management and operation of your apartment. There are hot and cold ones. more

Moving in and out

Moving to a new apartment can be a pleasure. However, the prerequisite is that you start preparing in good time. more