The LWB has built two residential and commercial buildings directly next to the Winter Garden high-rise.

New gateway to the emerging eastern suburb

Around three years after the start of construction work in spring 2016, the two buildings will be completed. The moving vans have been rolling since 2018. The final work on the exterior of the houses will be completed in the next few days. A total of 58 modern 1- to 5-room apartments and six shops as well as a small hotel were built.

Together with the LWB headquarters, the two residential and commercial buildings form the new gateway to the eastern suburb. The development of the site by the LWB is regarded as the initial spark for the district's upswing. Investments have been rising here for years and the number of construction projects is growing.

visualization yard Schützenstraße

Visualization yard Schützenstraße: Gärtner und Christ, Hamburg