Just under 5 km from the town centre, Leutzsch is located in the middle of Leipzig's Auwald (floodplain forest). The popular residential district is architecturally characterised by its buildings dating back to the Gründerzeit era, an Art Nouveau mansion colony and disused industrial sites. It offers everything needed for urban life: schools, nurseries, good transport links by suburban train and bus services, sports facilities, leisure facilities, and much more besides.

Construction site camera (image recording every 30 minutes)

November 2022: LWB Grundsteinlegung

Nach dem Baustart im Sommer fand Anfang November die Grundsteinlegung in der Gaußstraße statt. Für die 123 vom Freistaat Sachsen geförderten Wohnungen werden auf dem 6.750 Quadratmeter großen Gelände insgesamt 15.000 Kubikmeter Erde bewegt. Zudem werden 720 Tonnen Bewährungsstahl verbaut und 800 Fensterelemente sowie 1000 Türen eingesetzt. Um für die nötige Elektrik zu sorgen, verlegen die Techniker außerdem etwa 220 Kilometer Kabel. Die Wohnungen werden nach der Fertigstellung 2024 für eine Kaltmiete von 6,50 Euro vermietet – ausschließlich an Inhaber eines weißen Wohnberechtigungsscheins.

123 new LWB apartments in Leutzsch

The new LWB development on Gaußstraße directly adjoins the sought-after LWB districts from the 1920s in Art Deco style with their spacious courtyards. There is a lively neighbourhood here. Many tenants have lived here for decades.

A popular address that is now being supplemented: On the approximately 6,750-square-meter LWB property between Gauß-, Heimteich- and Philipp-Reis-Straße, an ensemble with a total of 123 one to 5-room apartments is being built, all of which are subsidised by the Free State of Saxony. This means that only holders of a white residential entitlement certificate are allowed to rent them. The certificate is income-based and must be applied for through the city of Leipzig's social welfare office. Thanks to subsidies, the rent excluding bills for the new building is just 6.50 euros per square metre.

The residential complex is supplied with renewable energy and is subsidised by KfW as a 55-rated efficiency house. Among other things, photovoltaic systems are planned to be installed on the roofs. All apartments will have underfloor heating and a balcony or terrace.

With Gaußstraße, LWB is commencing its third new construction tranche. This comprises a total of eight construction projects with more than 800 apartments, most of them subsidised. Five new neighbourhoods with 477 apartments and three integrated nurseries have already been completed. In autumn, LWB’s largest new construction project to date (300 apartments) will be handed over on Saalfelder Straße in Neulindenau.

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