Opening credits: Leipzig’s newest city quarter situated at Lindenauer Hafen is growing. LWB is also making its contribution to this. The municipal company is not only developing apartments, but also the first daycare centre in the residential area. The neighbourhood is particularly popular with young families because of its perfect location on Leipzig's waterway network.

June 2022: Build complete!

After just over a year of construction, the 18 apartments and the nursery on Hafenstraße are now complete. All apartments were subsidised by the Free State of Saxony, and prospective tenants need a white housing entitlement certificate (Wohnberechtigungsschein) in order to be eligible to rent them. The six one-bed and twelve two-bed apartments will be rented out as of this month.

The nursery will be bustling with new life from November. A total of 142 babies and older toddlers will be able to play to their hearts' content on the two lower floors. The premises are gradually being furnished by our kind sponsor, the Mütterzentrum Leipzig. By January 2023, the nursery will initially be filled to half of its capacity, with occupancy being expanded gradually thereafter.

LWB Neubau Hafenstraße

December 2021: Hafenstraße well on schedule

Things are moving forward at the LWB construction site in Hafenstraße at a staggering pace! According to current plans, the building is even expected to be completed ahead of schedule. The project was scheduled to be completed by mid-April, except for the outdoor facilities. Their handover is planned for the end of May. In the meantime, the structural work on this building site has been completely finished, and the roof has been sealed. In addition, the district heating station has been built and is already in operation. Now the interior work has begun in the day-care centre, which is integrated into the residential building.

LWB Neubau Hafenstraße Dezember 21

July 2021: A floor a month

The LWB construction site located in the city’s Lindenauer Hafen quarter offers great new pictures every single day. It’s impressive how quickly the ensemble of apartment building and daycare centre continues its upward growth.

The ceiling above the first floor was completed at the beginning of July. Now, the building is growing by one floor per month. The building shell is set to be completed in autumn. Then, interior work and the preparations for outdoor installations will begin.

LWB Neubau Hafenstraße Stand Juli 2021

March 2021: LWB is also building in the city's "Hafenviertel" quarter.

With the start of construction for an apartment building and an integrated daycare centre, LWB has begun another new building project. A total of six 2-room and twelve 3-room apartments will be built. The apartments are subsidised in accordance with the “Guideline for Tied Rental Housing” (“Richtlinie gebundener Mietwohnraum”) by the Free State of Saxony. The day-care centre will have space for 142 girls and boys, 47 of whom will be of crèche age. The day care centre is run by the charitable association Mütterzentrum e.V. Leipzig. The site is only roughly 100 metres from the new waterfront promenade. 
To get the ball rolling, everything is being prepared for laying the foundations. To do this, a base layer of crushed stone is placed in the excavation pit, reinforcing bars are woven and then concrete is poured. After that, the new building can grow to reach its five-storey height. The shell should be in place by the end of this summer, and completion is planned for a year later.

Baustart LWB Neubau in der Hafenstraße