Cable Television

From July 2020, LWB tenants will be able to benefit from a new contract between LWB and Vodafone for the multimedia supply of existing housing.

Most important change: Television via cable connection will become cheaper, as the basic TV supply with currently 25 programs in high definition (HDTV) and 75 programs in standard definition (SDTV) will be provided free of charge. In addition, there is a "narrow-band" internet product – also free of charge – including a Wi-Fi router, which can be used to cover the basic requirements for internet use. These include online banking and e-mail correspondence.

The LWB Group had put out a Europe-wide tender for the multimedia supply of its holdings. The previous service provider, the Vodafone Group, was awarded the contract.
In addition to securing a modern supply of one gigabyte speed in the long term, LWB has laid the foundations for new and future-proof service offerings and smart home solutions.

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