Waste separation

Separate correctly, because everything else is garbage

Both avoiding waste and correctly separating waste can help to save money. Last but not least, the environment benefits.

Off to the right place

Well sorted waste can be used, for example, for the manufacture of new products. Some household waste can be composted, others can be incinerated after pre-treatment and deposited in landfills. In this way you also save yourself the trouble of impending additional costs. Why? If, for example, household waste ends up in the blue bin reserved for paper and cardboard, special emptying will become necessary and this will lead to an increase in additional costs. Please fill the bins in front of your house only with the waste that really belongs in them. You will find all necessary information in our service brochure.

LWB Mülltrennung

Thrown in cleanly

It is not much effort to pay a little attention to the rubbish dumps in our housing estates. If it looks clean and tidy, you as a tenant benefit in several ways. In addition to the more beautiful sight, a tidy dump is also the cheaper option. The removal of secondary deposits is charged extra by the waste disposal companies and increases the ancillary rental costs.

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