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The apartment in "Operation": Interesting facts about the "second" rent

Living costs money. Every month we receive an amount of money from you. In addition to the (cold) rent for the rooms used, you also make an advance payment for their management or "operation". You can read below what is meant by the so-called operating costs and what is important for you as a tenant to know.

What are operating costs?

Operating costs are defined in the German Civil Code and in the Operating Costs Ordinance. Operating costs are the costs incurred on an ongoing basis by the owner as a result of ownership of the land and the intended use of the building, outbuildings, installations, facilities and land. 

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For what period are the operating costs billed?

The payroll always refers to a past period, which is specified in the subject of the payroll letter. With us, the accounting period is usually identical with a calendar year from 1st of January to 31st of December.

By law, the statement must be sent to the tenant no later than the end of the twelfth month after the end of the accounting period. 


What are advance payments?

In order to cover the running costs for the management of the rental property, the tenant makes the advance payments. Advance payments may only be agreed upon in an appropriate amount.

The amount of advance payments is therefore determined on the basis of experience. This does not mean, however, that the amount of the advance payment covers the costs incurred exactly. In the event of additional costs, the tenant must therefore make additional payments, and if the costs are lower, the difference will of course be refunded.

Once a year, you will receive a statement of operating costs from us, in which the operating costs actually incurred are broken down in detail into cost items, presented and offset against your advance payments.

After each statement, the advance payments can be adjusted.

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How are the operating costs accounted for?

As a rule, the following applies - the operating costs are distributed according to rental space or number of rental units, depending on the cost element. In most cases, there is a distribution according to living space: This means that the costs for one square meter of the total floor space multiplied by the size of your apartment in square meters gives your share of costs. The consumption-dependent costs are calculated according to your individual consumption.

When settling operating costs, several buildings or staircases can be combined into one business entity. The total amounts incurred are then apportioned to the shares of the individual tenants according to the contractual agreement. Usually the total usable space of all apartments or commercial spaces belonging to the business entity is also the reference base for settlement. Business entities are not determined arbitrarily. Instead, they result from the fact that they belong to certain supply units, such as heating stations.

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What are "warm" and "cold" operating costs?

Warm operating costs are the costs for preparation and supply of heating (heat) and water heating. Water consumption itself is not included. The calculation and distribution of the costs is regulated by the Heating Costs Ordinance.

"Cold" operating costs include property tax, street cleaning, waste disposal, house cleaning, caretaker, gardening, winter services, etc. Further costs can be found in the Operating Costs Ordinance. 

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When is the subsequent payment of operating costs to be transferred?

An additional payment shown in the statement of operating costs is generally due immediately. However, we will grant you an appropriate payment period. You will find this in your statement of operating costs.

If you have questions about the statement or need more time to check it, you should either pay with reservation or talk to us.

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