Saalfelder Straße

The Dunckerviertel is a popular and peaceful area in Neulindenau that has been expanding for several decades. LWB is now building 300 more apartments to create exciting new living spaces for singles, pensioners and even large families.

Building site camera (photo taken every 30 minutes)

May 2021: Structural work is in full swing

Structural work on Saalfelder Straße is in full swing. Although there have been minor delays due to coronavirus, the construction progress is impressive and has already reached the third floor in some areas. Interior work is set to start in the first buildings as early as this summer, at which point the construction site will gradually become much quieter and the traffic volumes caused by larger equipment will be reduced.

Bautenstand Neubau Saalfelder Straße

November 2020: Four cranes in operation

Work on the LWF residential area on Saalfelder Strasse is still on schedule despite the coronavirus pandemic. Just under five months after the excavation of the construction pit began – a total of around 1,800 truckloads of earth have been dredged and transported away – the general contractor has taken over control of the site. In the meantime, three, soon to be four, large cranes are operating here.
Since November, the base plate has been concreted. This is divided into different sections and covers a total area of around 10,000 square metres and a thickness of 50 to 60 centimetres. Inside, almost 1,000 tonnes of reinforced steel, interwoven in filigree meshes, provide the necessary stability for the buildings. Once the underground car park and cellar are complete, probably in the first quarter of 2021, the solid construction residential buildings will grow rapidly in height, some of them to five storeys, others to seven.

Bodenplatte Saalfelder Straße

June 2020: building site takes shape.

On 19 May 2020, LWB started its largest current construction project on Saalfelder Straße. One month later, the approximately 10,000 m2 building site had been cleared, the first girders had been fitted, and excavation work had begun. As part of the building preparations, a tram stop had to be relocated and a temporary path was built.

Baufeld Saalfelder Straße

What is planned?

The new residential complex with 300 apartments will consist of 18 buildings arranged in six blocks around two courtyards. An underground car park will provide enough spaces for 170 vehicles.

As the apartments are being funded by a subsidised housing programme run by the Free State of Saxony, prospective tenants will need an eligibility certificate.

Visualisierung Saalfelder Straße

Visualisation: S&P Sahlmann-Ingenieure und Architekten Leipzig (S&P Sahlmann Engineering and Architectural Office, Leipzig)