LWB Children's Christmas Party under Palm Trees

Tropical temperatures, exotic animals and an adventure trip: Leipziger Wohnungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH (LWB) invited to the 15th edition of its traditional Children's Christmas at the Gondwanaland of the Leipzig Zoo on the 1st weekend of Advent. Around 220 boys and girls aged between six and twelve years went on a jungle safari there with about 180 adult companions. "Under palm trees" was the motto of the festival and this was true in the literal sense of the word.

On their tour of discovery through the giant tropical hall, the guests were guided by zoomanizers, who could tell all kinds of exciting stories and answer many questions. No matter whether it was about the menu of the world's largest lizard, about supposedly lazy sloths and cheeky monkeys or the magical flowering of the tropical vegetation. After the two-hour tour, Santa Claus came with small presents for each child. There was singing together and whoever wanted to, recited a poem.

After the celebration in Gondwanaland, all guests of the LWB Children's Christmas were invited to visit the other facilities of the zoo.

The prerequisite for participation in the LWB Children's Christmas is always that the registered child is at home in an LWB apartment. Whether the grandmother, mum, dad or aunt and their offspring then come to the Christmas party is left up to the families. The zoo has hosted the event several times in recent years. In addition, there have been atmospheric LWB children's Christmas parties at the Theater der Jungen Welt, the Musical Comedy or the Ring Café.

December 2, 2019

LWB Kinderweihnacht unter Palmen LWB Kinderweihnacht unter Palmen LWB Kinderweihnacht 2019 LWB Kinderweihnacht 2019