LWB Play and Meeting Farm inaugurated in Paunsdorf

Last Friday afternoon, the LWB and the city of Leipzig celebrated the completion of a new housing and meeting yard in Paunsdorf with a children's and neighborhood festival.  The large inner courtyard of Günsel-, Hasel-, Hartriegelstraße and Südblick was not only equipped with many new play equipment, but also with benches and tables and a barbecue corner. Paths were renewed, hills were created and plants were brought into the ground. A total of around 250,000 euros was invested in the Socially Integrative City development programme. The costs were borne by the federal government, the state and the city of Leipzig.

Resident Kristin T. was a guest at the opening ceremony with her children. "We are delighted with the fantastic playground, which even has a marble game. We won the marbles on the LWB Wheel of Fortune and can now try out the game," she said. Thomas L. had also come with his family and friends. He says he lives next door and is happy that "his farm" is also to be beautified.

According to LWB office manager Annett Niemzick, the LWB is currently planning to redesign its eleven residential courtyards in Paunsdorf. Two have already been completed, three are scheduled to be refurbished next year, and the rest are expected to be completed by 2025.

Interesting: The farm was not opened in the traditional way with silk ribbons and scissors, but with the sizzling of the first sausages on the communal barbecue. In addition, the LWB served a colorful entertainment program for young and old, invited guests to the photo box or to make-up for children, and delighted with soap bubble artists and balloon modellers.

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15th of October 2019

LWB Nachbarschaftsfest Paunsdorf LWB Nachbarschaftsfest Paunsdorf LWB Nachbarschaftsfest Paunsdorf