LWB tenants tell their home stories

The spinning and knitting couple Ursula and Manfred from Wahren have a lot in common with Niki and her dog Marshall from Alt-Lößnig: they live in LWB homes, they were winners of the 2018 LWB Photo Competition, they were immortalized on calendars and murals, they decorated the "wohnzeit" title page - and they have talked about themselves and their homes in interviews. The series on LWB models will now be continued.   

After the photo competition entitled "At home is where... . Tell us!" the most creative contestants first opened their apartment doors for a shooting with photographer Nick Putzmann. Thus, in 2018 hundreds of pictures of singles and couples, flat-sharing communities and families, young and old, had been taken. The photographer was a guest in prefabricated housing estates and quarters of old buildings, with people from the original Leipzig area as well as newcomers. "Everyone was excited and totally curious about what was coming," reports Putzmann. Looking back on his job, he was surprised "at how different people can live with the LWB."
The idea was to portray the tenants in their homes and to capture in detail what distinguishes these people. The results can be seen in the LWB service kiosks and printed on calendars. Now the tenants are opening their doors again and providing information about themselves and their very individual feelings of living and home.

The LWB models are presented with small stories in "wohnzeit". The two stories behind the photos published so far will be continued and thus quasi go into series. "Every interview is exciting and new. There are surprising and touching things to discover, lots of joie de vivre and very different moments at home," says LWB Press Officer Samira Sachse.

May 6, 2019