A thank you for loyal tenants

More than 450 LWB tenants were reminded of a special date in mid-2019: congratulations and a gift basket were offered on the anniversary of their tenancy agreement - counting from the 30th anniversary.
LWB tenants are extremely loyal. About one in three leases - more than 10,000 - is over ten years old, and one in ten was signed at least 30 years ago. "We are proud of these figures, because they also show that our customers feel at home," says Annett Niemzick, Branch Manager Northeast. "For us, the great customer loyalty is also a reason to say thank you". In the middle of the year, all those whose lease agreement for 2019 "celebrates" a round anniversary were surprised with a gift.  All those celebrating an anniversary received a letter of congratulations and a gift basket. Niemzick: "There were often very touching encounters, because our long-term tenants also had a lot to tell". Tenant Sabine B. from the Straße des 18. Oktober was especially surprised: "I was very happy about this gesture. Just the fact that the anniversary was remembered is great".  Next year, hundreds of anniversary tenants can again look forward to a surprise.

August 15, 2019